work of art!

A German lager developed with a recipe to maintain the main ingredient – The Malt– purity. Special in every detail. Designed for true beer lovers.

Our beer mastery is embodied in 4000. It is a beer born at more than 4040 meters above sea level. The rigorous workmanship process in every detail grants you the highest sense experience.

A beer brewed from Pure Malt, with a unique body, aroma and flavor created by Potosina for the ones who appreciate the good stuff and support the domestic production.


German Lager


Herbal notes with
hints of wood
and spices.


Cooper Gold

5% vol/alc.

work of art!

Available in:

Bottle 355 ml


4000: A superior experience

Why is it called 4000?

What does Pure Malt mean?

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