It has been more than 100 years since a family of German descent opted to exalt a unique place in Bolivia and the world with a brand that shows love for their land.

A passion kept by 4 generations

We have always maintained our commitment to quality and good beer. Learn about our history in these milestones that make us what we are today.


The beggining

Vollmer & Cia. It was directed by germans Fernando Neumeyer and Valentin Vollmer who operated their factory with rustic machinery and delivered the product in 36-bottle wooden boxes.


The Visionary

Hermann Wille was the first family generation to undertake the great challenge of purchasing Vollmer & Cia. to re found, equip, and modernize the fabric under the name of Cervecería Nacional Potosí.


The Commitment

The succession to Hermann’s children began the second generation. Carlos Wille Lemaitre bought the shares of his siblings and led this stage that is based on the commitment to quality. To do so, he decided to buy European machinery.


The Expansion

When Carlos Wille Bernardis succeeded his father and began the third generation, giving a boost to the sales expansion of its main brand “Potosina” in other Bolivian cities. During his term, he was appointed President of Federacion de Empresarios Privados of Potosí and Director of Cámara Boliviana de Fabricantes de Cerveza .



The company celebrates 100 years and is recognized as one of the most valuable companies in the south of the country with the Bolivian state highest award,”El Cóndor de Los Andes”. Investments for the quality evolution and brand expansion continue.


The Evolution

Innovation has become a pillar for the coming years in the fourth family generation, lead by Carlos Wille Castellanos and Natalia Wille Castellanos, those who promote the development of new products and the internacional expansion.

Maria Eugenia Bernardis de Wille, a woman who is "Worth a Potosi"

An emblematic Potosina with a unique personality that was part of the history of CNP during the 3rd. generation. She was married to Carlos Wille Lemaitre and, after her husband’s death, took over as executive president of the company for 11 years supporting her son Carlos Wille Bernardis’s management.

Along with her great friend and colleague Emigdio Arrieta Gómez as well as other young people, she founded the “La Fraternidad de Caporales Cervecería Nacional Potosí” to exalt culture and origin as part of the company’s essence.

She left an indelible legacy, which prevails and lives to this day in the company and in her family and workers’ memory.

Cynthia Castellanos de Wille, a woman who "He doesn't believe in the impossible"

She was born in Tarija. She has always had a huge love for Bolivia. When she married Carlos Wille in 1992, that love prompted her to make a difference in each new project carried out by the Brewery, praising with whom she was surrounded the pride of belonging to a Potosi family.

With the help of Emigdio Arrieta, she has encouraged the recovery of the company’s tangible legacy through the creation and foundation of the Museum. She is also part of the board as well as the General Coordinator of the Caporales Fraternity with María Teresa Arrieta Peñaranda as President, who after 33 years continue with the legacy.

Today, together with her husband and the support of her children Carlos and Natalia, she continues to run the company towards new directions and markets.

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